The biggest misconception about amplifiers (amps) is “only add an amp if the goal is to play your stereo LOUD enough for the entire world to hear.”  While there is no doubt we can make that happen, it isn’t the primary reason to make that purchase.  The vast majority of amps purchased from us are installed solely to ENHANCE the sound quality of the stereo in any vehicle, at ANY volume level. More power does not mean you have to crank it up.  Should you choose to however, you will experience a rich, clean, and full sound which cannot be duplicated in a “radio only“ system. Simply put, only an amp and the power it brings, can deliver that rich, clean and full sound experience.  The more power a system has, the less distortion there is.  Distortion makes a system sound bad at any level and can also damage your speakers.

With today’s technology, an amp can be added to most factory radios quite readily with the proper adapter.  This relatively straight forward process will considerably improve any factory system. So whether you want to CRANK IT UP, or enjoy music at your normal listening level, adding an amp will improve your sound quality and increase your driving pleasure. So “amp it up” for top quality sound.  Choose a category below.

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